Rosemaries for Rememberance EP

by Jonathan Fraser

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Jan-Dirk Platek
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Jan-Dirk Platek Great songwriting and lots of feelings wrapped in a deep sound. You probably don't know that you need this record. Wonderful! Favorite track: Abandoned by God.
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A more expansive experience thanks to some more sounds that I have found. Track 3, 5, and 6 have texts/lyrics that accompany them. I would like to thank Cal Baptist University for allowing me to use their equipment for this. And also a big thank you to my friend Rasa Leskauskytė for letting me use your picture as the cover.


released January 13, 2016

Jonathan Fraser: everything



all rights reserved


Jonathan Fraser Huntington Beach, California

Been playing and recording music since 2009. Most of my music revolves around melancholy, anger, frustration, love as well as hope. Emotion will always be what drives me.

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Track Name: Abandoned by God
Your scripture is my delusion
My delusion is your scripture
Wondering if such a being exists despite saying so
Am I just following in a blindfold this whole time
Trying so hard to believe, but things not adding up
Afraid that one’s close to me will parish for not being the followers you desire
All of these people say different things that blur my vision
Maybe that is the way it has to be
It won’t ever change for myself and that’s fine
If I were to go hell, I’ll have no regrets
Rather be honest than blind
Track Name: Aspergers
For all my existence, I tried to be like them
To be a normal man
Retard, stupid, creep, weirdo
That is what they would call me
For something that I cannot help
I will always the one against the grain no matter how hard I try
Don’t know who to hate more
Them for shunning or myself for putting up this wall even to this day
Normality will always make me sick, but belonging will always make me long
Disorder or not, this is who I am
And that’s nothing to complain about
Nothing to be ashamed of
And I wouldn’t have it any other way
Track Name: Marionette
I saw it all with my own youthful eyes
Your family using you like a marionette
It was as if no one loved you
They would belittle you for your helping
All take and no give
And that’s all I did to you as well
I remember you telling me how much you hated them
But you had them stay instead of being alone
Even at your grave, they will still leech from you
The difference between me and them was that I was your person
But I’m no better than them
I’m sorry